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Businesses and organizations of all types, size and scope have come to rely on Triangle to help build their brands, create an experience, add function, or draw a crowd. Here are some of the key markets they represent, which continue to draw on our more than 80 years of industry experience and expertise to achieve their goals.

Our Markets


We cut our teeth on retail assignments and know the market inside and out. We’re experts in creating brand engagement and how to build, install, and maintain signs and lighting systems that welcome shoppers, enhance an experience and set you apart.

Our Markets


After 80 plus years in business our knowledge of corporate branding is broad and deep-rooted. A trusted resource for projects including those of national and international scale, we have the versatility, quality orientation, design and implementation know-how needed to present your brand to maximum effectiveness through signage and beyond.

Our Markets


Warmth, trust, comfort and security… they’re all vital parts of the unique brand identity our healthcare clients seek to communicate through their signage, welcoming interior graphics, and direct, easy-to-understand wayfinding systems. We’re here to ensure those results.

Our Markets


Want to stand out from the pack? We are specialists in using a facility’s architecture to the best possible brand advantage. Interior and exterior signage, innovative lighting or custom graphics, we find surprising ways to grab and hold attention from the moment people enter your grounds or facility.

Our Markets

Sports Venues

Bigger can indeed be better. And we’re better at creating a total experience in sports and other large scale venues than any other brand implementation resource out there. Whether it’s a massive digital display, marquee sign, video board, wayfinding system or custom informational display, we have the experience and unique capabilities to help make each fan visit to your venue exciting and memorable.

Our Markets

Colleges & Universities

Educational institutions have unique branding needs, which is where we shine. Our customized development, project management and implementation process and extensive track record with colleges and universities has positioned us at the head of the class when it comes to campus and facility brand signage and informational display systems. A range of government, transportation and foundation assignments further add to our institutional branding resume.

Our Markets

Grocery Stores

Nothing is more important to shoppers than a well-lit sign and parking lot. Triangle specializes in grocery signage both interior and exterior as well as the latest in lighting solutions that draw attention and the peace of mind for safety and a comfortable shopping experience.

Our Markets


From city streets to interstates, the choices can be overwhelming when it comes to a clean, safe environment to stop for fuel and a break. It is vital that your image is at its best 24/7. Give us a call today and let us show you how we provide excellent branding and maintenance for C-Stores nationwide.

Our Markets


How does your brand stand out among the crowed landscape of restaurants? Triangle has decades of experience in branding exterior and interior elements for local, regional and national chains and can provide a positive, inviting atmosphere that will attract customers on a daily basis.

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