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Getting Ahead On Change: Fanatics to Lids Case Study

Good businesses recognize opportunities for their brand to partner with other brands. In the case of Lids and their partnership with Fanatics, they tested several stores called Fanatics by Lids to see what impact that partnership would have on their brands. After the test was over, and with Lids’ stronger brand recognition and foothold in the market, they found that the best maneuver for these stores was to fully rebrand them as Lids.

With the decision to move forward with the brand change set, Lids had a big project ahead of them: change over 33 locations across the U.S. from Fanatics by Lids to Lids.

To make the move, Lids wanted to ensure they had quality designs for the rebranded locations on a fiscally tight budget. So, Lids turned to Triangle to meet their needs.

“We chose Triangle for this project because of their dedication to customer service, quality, and execution,” said Nicanor Lucero, Manager of Store Planning and Facilities. “Our biggest obstacle with this project was permitting, but Triangle helped manage what needed to be done to ensure a seamless changeover. We’re thrilled by the immediate impact we’ve seen with these locations that are now successfully cemented under the Lids brand.”

So, what exactly did it take to complete this project? Below are the elements that needed addressing prior to fabrication and installation of the new signage. This a process we go through for every project, no matter how big or small, and provides good insight into what your sign company should do to complete a project in a timely fashion.

In just over three months, Triangle:

After our team of experts completed these necessary steps, our workshop created the custom signs for each new Lids location. Once completed, our installation team carried out the installation, overseen by an experienced project manager to ensure the utmost quality. With each step, we stayed ahead of and managed delays.

Just like each sign is unique, each client we serve is, too, and our flexible approach allows us to effectively cater to our client’s individual needs.


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