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Let’s talk about brand power

One thing about working with a client that has many locations is brand continuity, but what do you do when your client has multiple locations, but the branding for each is widely different? That’s the challenge we met when working with our client, Atlas Restaurant Group, in Baltimore, MD.

Atlas has a robust list of restaurants, serving up high-end and boutique style dining rooms, bars, and eateries across the city, but also in Houston, TX and South Florida. Each dining experience with its own unique feel and aesthetic, giving power to the brand in a way that is subtle and surprising–you don’t know necessarily know you’re at an Atlas restaurant, but when you realize it, of course it makes sense. The way they curate and cultivate the experience is just that good, because at the core of the Atlas brand is upholding the integrity of the product and where it is sourced from around the world, and then in turn showcasing that in the design of the restaurant.

With a variety of concepts and cuisine’s, each location has its own, unique signage that speaks to that variation


With Azumi, their Japanese concept, fish is flown in from Japan’s famous Tsukiji Market. The signage echoes the traditional red, white, and black seen across Japan, from their shrines to the humble izakaya.

Loch Bar

Diving into Maryland roots, seafood tavern Loch Bar, which has the Baltimore area’s largest oyster program, has an upscale tavern vibe with dark, worn wood and gold lettering accents.

Atlas Fish Market

The Atlas Fish Market is part market where they sell fish by the pound, part indoor-outdoor eatery, with nods to Baltimore’s history as a fishing and port town, with a vibrant, LED backlit blue crab we manufactured and installed. The lighting is carried through in strategic ways to create a nautical nod to the local cuisine of Baltimore.


At Tagliata, the chef cures their own charcuterie in-house. For this, the signage conveys that homemade signature look with the sweeping script adorning the front façade and along the awnings, which paired with a rustic, vertical blade sign, sets the tone for this Italian-chic eatery.

The Monarque

The Monarque, a French-inspired steakhouse, is steps away from Tagliata, which also features a long, vertical blade sign. The continuity between these two restaurants show they belong together, while each presenting its own unique style.

Ouzo Bay

Ouzo Bay is Atlas’s Mediterranean concept, merging indoor-outdoor seating spaces with flowing, sea-side signage in Mediterranean blue.

The Bygone

And finally, The Bygone, which has stunning views of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, an expansive whiskey list, and art-deco details that make you feel as if you stepped into another time each time you dine. The quiet placard sign before entering the stunning space is a nod to the speakeasy style experience.

Brand power in action

Across the board, though, Atlas Restaurant Group chooses aesthetics that make you feel like you’re somewhere new. The signage at every location makes you feel as if you are truly stepping into a quaint harbor tavern after a sun-weary day or meeting a friend or a lover at an upscale Italian or French bistro. Whatever the vibe, Atlas has the right signage to make you feel transported, all within the confines of your own city.


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