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Digital Signage 101

Signage is an important aspect of your business—it lets your customers and potential customers know who you are and where you are. But sometimes you have more to say. Maybe you want to share you have a special sale going on, a membership deal, or more about who you are and what you offer. Maybe your brand has a certain tone or personality that a stationary sign alone can’t encompass. So, what do you do when your business has more to say? The answer: digital signage.

In the following post, we’ll discuss what digital signage can do for your business, which kind of digital sign makes sense for your company, and how to justify the cost of a digital sign.

Digital Signage Capabilities

A digital sign, also known as a electronic message board or electronic messaging center, is a natural extension of your permanent business sign that does some extra heavy lifting. It allows for a more integrated, advanced form of storefront advertising—and while social media has become king of advertising these days, there is still much storefront advertising can do—especially when it comes to drawing in customers off the street and into your place of business.

These days, digital signs are almost exclusively controlled by you, the business owner. It used to be that digital signs came with complex coding that only your digital signage company could change. Now, the software for digital signage is user friendly, meaning you can change the sign wording and design whenever, and in some instances, from wherever.

Aside from advertising, digital signage serves your business by allowing for:

Which Digital Sign is Right for You?

Much of this depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. If your main goal is dissemination of information, a simple digital sign at the front of your business with a basic software system might do the trick.

If you’re hoping to advertise events, specific products with images, or more complex messages you may need a digital sign that can display high-definition graphics or video.

Guiding your customer through your space or advertisements on a specific product? You may want to consider digital kiosks strategically placed throughout your space.

Justifying the Cost of a Digital Sign

Know Your Options

All digital signs are not created equal. A basic digital sign may serve your needs, but exploring the more advanced options with your sign company can help you determine not only what you need today, but into the future as well.


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